What are the Benefits of Drinking Tea?

What are the Benefits of Drinking Tea?

Tea is one of the most common beverages drunk by people the world over. Every culture seems to have its own national favorite, a unique way of preparing it. But tea isn't just a drink:  It also has proven benefits that everyone who drinks it can experience. So, what are the benefits of drinking tea, exactly? It's incredibly varied, but there are some that certainly seem to stick out. These include benefits such as….

It Has Antioxidants


Everyone knows that antioxidants are important parts of a diet and of keeping yourself healthy. There are countless pills and specialized antioxidant drinks that are marketed for exactly this reason. However, that isn't necessary! Tea contains a great deal of antioxidants, more than most of these drinks and supplements. It's also a more natural way to get them, making it even healthier. If you're looking for your highest antioxidant count from tea, then lean towards green tea.

It Contains Less Caffeine


For those who are sick of the buzz you get from drinking a cup of coffee, this is a bonus. With tea, you can get your hot-drink fix, while you cut back on the amount of caffeine you consume without giving it up completely. Tea naturally contains caffeine, but it contains far, far less than you can find in your average cup of coffee or in a bottle of soda, making it a great substitute.

It Can Help Your Digestive System


This is one of the few drinks that can double as a way to soothe medical problems. In fact, many doctors recommend teas for those who have issues with their digestive system. Those who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or just those who suffer from intestinal cramps in general, can benefit greatly from chamomile tea, which has the ability to stop these spasms. Those suffering from nausea or morning sickness can drink ginger tea, which can calm the queasies.

It Can Help with Weight Loss


Those who drink tea normally find it easier to lose weight than those who don't. Because this can also be achieved when consumed in other ways, many natural diet supplements now come with tea, normally green or black tea, as one of the major ingredients. There isn't a lot of research into why that is, but it has been noted, and many dietitians suggest that those who see them try drinking tea. Part of the reason might be….

It's Calorie-Free!


Tea, when sweeteners and milk are not added, is one of the few zero-calorie natural drinks in the world. It can be an alternative to water, because it has no calories to add to your diet! This makes it easier for those who are on a diet, or those who just want to stop drinking their calories, to have another beverage to rely on. This is another reason that tea drinkers might find it easier to lose weight.

There's little doubt why tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the world. It packs a lot of benefits that can readily be felt. All you have to do is brew a cup.

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