Coconut Oil: Everything You Need To Know

Coconut Oil: Everything You Need To Know

When most people think about coconuts, they immediately picture tropical beaches, palm trees, and the ocean. Otherwise, they might think of that white flaky stuff that is commonly found in chocolates, cakes, and other pastries. But coconut has more to it than just a yummy if exotic topic to put on top of sweets! Coconut oil has legitimate value, and many different uses.

What is Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil is the oil that comes from the white “meat” of a coconut. The white stuff that you see inside of a coconut is actually the solid version of coconut oil! To get fresh coconut oil, simply take the white coconut meat, and allow it to melt in a jar overnight. If you need it quickly, you can also buy ready-made coconut oil.

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Cooking Oil as a Replacement

People are always looking for a healthy replacement for the standard vegetable oil or butter that is considered unhealthy, but vital for cooking. Coconut oil makes a great, and healthy, replacement!

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You can use it to fry foods, as well as to replace oils needed in baking. It also makes a great topping for sweet potatoes!

Sports Drink Replacement

Coconuts are known for their healthy, fast-acting fats. This makes it a great way to stir up your own DYI energy drink! For a yummy, yet healthy, drink, simply mix coconut oil, chia seeds, fresh fruit, and water together.

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Poor in a bottle, and allow to chill. You'll be energized and replenished in no time!

Skin Moisturizer

But it isn't just cooking that coconut oil is good for. It's perfect for your beauty routine! You can even use coconut oil as a skin moisturizer. The fats and other natural hydrating properties make it great for dry skin.

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Simply spread a small amount over the dry areas of your skin once or twice per day.

Natural Hair Conditioner

Just as coconut oil is good for dry skin, it's also good for dry hair. If your hair seems parched, massage a small amount onto your hair. You'll want to avoid the scalp area, but you want to ensure that you don't miss any spots otherwise!

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Let it sit for a while, then rinse out the excess.

Makeup Remover

Getting makeup off can be quite the chore for anyone, and chemical removers are harsh. Coconut oil, however, is gentle, and it works! To remove even the most stubborn of makeup, rub a layer of it over your face, then remove with a soft cloth.

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Afterwards, rinse off any oil that might remain.

Cuticle Oil

Manicures are expensive, and doing them at home can be difficult. Cuticles are especially frustrating to deal with, and can be hard to keep in check. If you're having problems with your cuticles, you can use coconut oil to remedy them.

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Simply massage the coconut oil into your cuticles, and into the area around them.

Massage Oil

Normally, massage oils can be very expensive, especially if you're simply using them as a carrier oil for aromatherapy. Coconut oil, however, is a much cheaper option that works just as well, if not better! You can use it just as you would mineral oil, and you can use it more often than you would tea tree oil.

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Coconuts are far more than just desert island fare. The oil that they produce can be used for many things, from cooking, to beauty, to aromatherapy. If you're looking for an alternative to certain oils or substances, give coconut oil a chance!

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