How to Do Leg Lifts

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How to Do Leg Lifts

Nobody likes sit-ups and crunches. They're unpleasant, tedious, and just don't work the abs the way that most people really want them. If you're looking for a new and better ab workout, then you might consider leg lifts. These will work your abs in ways that a sit-up certainly won't! And, if you're worried about how to do leg lifts, don't worry. With a bit of practice and conviction, you'll find them a fairly easy (but vigorous) workout!

Gather Equipment

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It doesn't really take much to do leg lifts properly. In fact, if need be, you could probably do them with no equipment whatsoever. But, to do this exercise the best way, you should have one or two things. The first is a yoga mat, which gives you a more comfortable place to lie, since you'll be spending a good deal of time on the floor. You may also want an exercise ball for a variation; see below.

Lay Back

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Start off on your leg lifts by laying on your back on your yoga mat. Your arms should be lying straight beside you, with your hands lying on the floor palm down. Having the right position here is crucial; you'll be using your abdominal muscles to keep your legs up, so you don't want to find yourself subconsciously using your arms, or any other part of your upper body, for that matter.

Raise Your Legs...the Right Way

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It's time to raise 'em up! Together, raise your legs into the air, exhaling as you do. You should aim to hold your feet in the air at least six inches, though higher could be even better for your abs. Make sure to keep your knees locked. And remember, the abs are what's important here. You should be using them when lifting your legs. Keep your upper body in the same position it was when you started off, as well.


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Now for the hard part! You've got to hold your legs in the air. For beginners, you may want to just hold your legs in the air as long as you can, and don't really bother counting. For those with a bit more experience, try holding your legs up for thirty seconds. More experienced? Aim for keeping them up there even longer! Do what you have to to make it a worthwhile exercise.

Common Variations

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There are little changes that can be made to leg lifts to make them either easier or more difficult. For example, if you're finding leg lifts to be too difficult, try doing them at a different angle. Or you could do it with your knees bent; locking your knees makes the workout more difficulty. Looking for a boost in your core workout? Do leg lifts with a stability ball between your knees.

Leg lifts are a great exercise for your abs, working them in ways that old standbys such as crunches and sit-ups just can't. Choose leg lifts, and you'll have that six pack before you know it!

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