How to Jog

Step by step
How to Jog

It's one of the most popular ways to add some cardio exercise to your life, and with good reason:  Jogging helps keep the heart in great shape! With more and more people getting into jogging, you may be considering taking up the exercise yourself. But, to those who have never done it before, it can be daunting. Want to know how to jog? It's simple, it's easy, and it's well worth it!

Get the Right Equipment

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And, by equipment, we're mainly talking wardrobe. Before you take off jogging, you should make sure that you have the right clothes and shoes that you need to have. Shoes are the most important:  You shouldn't be jogging in loafers! Instead, aim for a pair of tennis shoes or running shoes, something that has good support for your feet. Clothes should be comfortable, and allow you to stay cool when you wear them.

Pick a Route

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Depending on how experienced you are at jogging, the route you take can either be an easy one or a difficult one. For those new to jogging, you should stick to a shorter, flatter path, or even a downhill one. As you become more adjusted to jogging, vary it up a little. Go on a longer route, take one with more hills, or anything else that you can find to mix things up.

Start Slowly

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If you've never jogged before in your life, you shouldn't jump headfirst into the first interesting jogging route to catch your eye. And, if you've never really exercised much, you shouldn't start jogging first off. For the very new exercisers, start off walking first, letting yourself build up to a jog. For those who have walked, or have jogged a bit, slowly increase how long you can jog before you need a break.


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Before you go jogging, every time you go jogging, you should always stretch. This helps to prevent injuries and soreness later on, as well as serving to make you more limber in the process. The standard stretches that most remember from school work; there are also a plethora of other stretching options to choose from out there. Choose which ones work best for you, and give it a stretch before you take off running.

Pace Yourself

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This is an important step that many people simply ignore:  Pacing yourself! While it might be exhilarating to go as far as you can go without stopping, you shouldn't allow yourself to be pushed to the point of complete and utter exhaustion. Instead, keep it going at a steady, just pushing it speed, and stop to take a breather when you have to. As you jog more, you'll be able to go farther without the breaks!

For those looking to add more cardio exercise to their life, jogging is a great way to do that. Not only is it free, it can be fun, with a little practice! Make sure that you're geared up, hit a running trail, and enjoy!

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