How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast

It's a common enough problem: People want to drop their excess weight, but don't want it to take a year to finally be noticeable.

There are a lot of reasons for this: High school reunions, big social events, or even just getting ready for bathing suit season after a winter of splurging on comfort food. But many are just left wondering how to lose weight fast.

The secret's out now... and it really wasn't such a secret after all!

Eat Leafy Greens


Yes, we're talking about all of the foods your parents wanted you to eat as a child.

Good choices in this regard would be spinach, cabbage, collard greens, kale, or mustard greens.

All of these foods are rich in iron and other important nutrients that your body needs to keep you moving, boost your metabolism, and help you shed weight. They're also full of fiber, which makes you feel fuller without having to eat as much.

Do Cardio


There's no real way to lose weight quickly without putting in a little exercise!

And the exercise to shoot for here is cardio.

These are exercises that help boost your heart rate and keep it there for awhile, instead of trying to build muscles or increasing flexibility. These exercises include running and other gym-class classics, such as jumping jacks, lunges, situps, and pushups.

Even walking can help, so take the stairs!

Cut Sugar


Sugar is definitely something that you should begin to limit, whether you're trying to lose weight quickly or not.

This includes the normal sugary foods that you know to avoid:  Snack cakes, ice cream, cookies, and the like. But sugar also hides in sneaky places.

That orange juice that you had with your breakfast? Basically just liquid sugar with some Vitamin C. Sugar is necessary, but make sure that you know how much you're consuming!

Limit Carbs


Generally speaking, carbohydrates get a bad rap.

They're not all bad, and you do need them.

However, they shouldn't be the biggest part of every meal, nor should they be the basis of all of your snacks. When trying to lose weight quickly, you'll need to limit these.

Get your carbs from healthy sources, such as whole-grain breads, pastas, and wraps. You can also get a lot of your carbs from veggies...such as green, leafy veggies, as mentioned above.

Two birds, one stone!

Drink Water – And Lots of It!


It can seem almost counterintuitive, because people are always afraid of “water weight”.

But drinking enough water is vital to losing weight!

Not only will staying hydrated keep you energized and healthy, it will help to keep your systems running smoothly. This can actually help you to avoid water weight and bloating!

Get Some Sleep


Something else that seems counterintuitive: Sleeping.

Resting doesn't seem like a good way to lose weight, no matter when or how you do it.

However, the exact opposite is true.

Without enough sleep, you'll find that your workouts don't last as long and aren't as effective; the food you eat goes straight to your hips; and that your cravings for sugar and carbs will begin to climb again.

So, aim for at least eight hours a night, if possible, to lose more weight.

Don't Go on Starvation Diets!


And lastly, something not to do:  Go on starvation diets!

It might seem like a good idea at first.

After all, cutting your food intake down to half a grapefruit and a handful of almonds per day seems like a great way to avoid calories.

However, this won't help you lose weight.

In fact, your body will go into starvation mode, and begin hoarding every calorie that you get, storing it as fat. So, you'll gain weight, feel sluggish, and be miserable.

What good is that? Stick to healthy diets with enough calories, and you'll lose weight in no time!

There are many ways for you to lose weight quickly. But these tips have hopefully shown you that rapid weight loss is easier to attain than you might have thought, and that it won't be as unpleasant as you anticipated, either. Follow these healthy steps, and you'll be shedding the pounds before you know it!

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