How to Make an Exercise Plan

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How to Make an Exercise Plan

Everyone knows that they should get plenty of exercise, but most people aren't sure how to go about doing it. The best way? Making an exercise plan tailored to fit you! But you might be wondering how to make an exercise plan. It isn't as difficult as you would imagine it to be! To have the perfect exercise plan, all it takes is a little forethought, some consideration, and a bit of determination.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

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There are many different reasons that you might be making an exercise plan. Are you just trying to incorporate a bit more exercise into your life? Or maybe you're trying to prepare yourself for some event? Or you could just be trying to get into the best shape that you can be in? Whatever your reason for making an exercise plan, take that into account. It will help you focus on your main goal.

Make Sure It's Balanced

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Just like a diet, a healthy exercise plan has to be balanced. You don't want a plan that is nothing but cardio exercises, or nothing but weight lifting. Instead, you should strive for a blend of exercises that is perfect for your goals and for your body. This should include cardio exercises, strength exercises, and anything else you can throw in to mix things up a little bit. And, remember:  They should be fun!

Start Slowly

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It might be tempting to fill your exercise plan to the brim with new, vigorous workouts that you've never tried before. But, before signing up for a rigorous boot camp workout class, you should build on what you already have experience in. When building an exercise plan, it's important to start slow, and work your way up to where you want to be. This allows for you to become fitter in a healthy, safe way.

Build It Into Your Routine

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Your exercise plan won't do anything to help you if it's impossible to actually do because of your schedule. A person who works eight hours a day, then comes home to their children probably won't have enough time for four consecutive hours at the local gym. Instead, when building your exercise plan, work it into your routine. Depending on your schedule, you can pencil in little bursts of exercise throughout the day, with a gym visit or two a week thrown in.

Write it Down!

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This might not seem important, but it is! If you don't write down your exercise plan, the chances of you actually going through with it are lowered dramatically. It becomes easy to simply “forget” about when the chips are down. So, write that bad boy on some paper, and post it wherever you might be tempted to skip a workout! This can be in the car (“It was a long day at work”) or next to the TV (“I just got out of bed, after all.”)

Making an exercise plan is a great way to live a healthier life. By doing it right, you're increasing your chances of following it through to fruition. So grab some paper and some common sense, and get to work!

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