How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils

Step by step
How to Make Perfume with Essential Oils

There are so many reasons why essential oils benefit our lives. Not only do they have healing properties, they can also be used in all aspects of our daily lives. Most of the perfumes you see and buy these days have components inside that may increase their longevity, but can also harm and poison your body. The kind of perfumes you should be using are ones that are made of real essential oils. Learn how to make perfume with essential oils by following these couple of steps. 

Base Note

frankincense oil

To start off, you should pick out the essential oils you’ll want to use for your base note. These are the oils that you usually smell last when you sniff the perfume. It’s sort of the "after smell". It’s also what the perfume smells like after it has faded on your skin a couple hours later. 

Middle Note

geranium plant

The middle tones are what you smell after spraying the perfume on. It’s what you will smell like during the time you are wearing it. It’s usually defined as the "heart" of the entire perfume. You will need to be careful what scent you choose, and make sure that it compliments the base and top scents.

Top Note

thyme plant

Your top tone is what you smell first. It is the scent that catches your nose the second you spritz the perfume. After a couple of minutes, the scent will start to change and mix together with the middle note, then slowly turn to the middle note. You should look online for essential oil perfume recipes because it can be quite difficult to make your own scent the first couple of times. Some scents don’t blend together well, so it’s better to stay safe.


dark bottles

Make sure to use a dark tinted bottle for your perfume. Essential oils are extremely sensitive to the sun, so the darker the bottle, the fresher the perfume stays. Remember to always use glass bottles, and NEVER use plastic.



The last ingredient to add to your perfume mixture is the alcohol. The alcohol will help preserve your perfume. Of course, if you have extremely sensitive skin, or just don’t want to use it, you don’t have to add it. Make sure to calculate exactly how much you need before adding it. The percentage you use should be compared with how big your bottle is and how many drops of essential oils you used.

Tips and Warnings

mixed oils

Let your mixture of essential oils sit in the bottle for a couple of hours, or ideally, overnight. This will help the scents blend together, making the smell less confusing. Make sure to calculate how many drops of essential oils you’ll be using. You don’t want to add too much if your bottle is really small.

Making your own perfume is not only fun, it’s also safer than buying an expensive bottle of perfume. You can never be sure which chemicals are in which products. Always make sure you are buying 100% real products when you plan on applying it directly on your skin.

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