How to Play Squash

How to Play Squash

Most people have heard of squash, but are a bit unsure about what it is, let alone how to play squash. Squash is a game played using rackets and special balls. It is normally played between two people, though four can play, at times. This is a game that is fun, but takes a bit of effort to get into. If you are wanting to get started playing squash, keep these tips in mind.

Wear the Right Clothes


You don't want to go to the squash court in jeans and a button down. You should head out in the right clothes, so that you will be comfortable when you start playing. Your best bet is to wear what you would wear to the gym:  Shorts, a tank top, a t-shirt, yoga pants, and things of that nature. Anything that is breathable and lets you move. Choose tennis shoes for this one, so that you can move quickly.

Get the Right Equipment


Squash requires the use of special squash rackets. Before you get started, you'll definitely need to purchase one. You also need to purchase a few appropriate squash balls. These balls come in different colors, depicting their level of difficulty. Beginners should choose squash balls that are blue, because that denotes that they are fast, which is easiest on novices. With more experience, you could move up to slower balls, which are red, green, white, or yellow, which is the most difficult.

Head to a Court


Of course, you can't use any of this equipment if you can't find a place to actually play squash! You'll need to look for a place that has a squash court, as they can be quite difficult to locate. You'll likely have the best luck looking for gyms and sports centers that might have one available to book. You can also look for dedicated squash clubs, which, though rarer, are more likely to have squash courts.

Learn the Rules


The main aim of squash is to hit the far wall, with only two bounces or less before it hits. The game starts when one player serves, and then the other player reciprocates. There are lines on the wall that indicate where the ball must hit. Squash is scored a bit differently than other games, as well. A game ends with someone reaching eleven points, and that person is declared the winner of that round. The winner is the one who won three out of five games.

Practice, Practice, Practice!


Like any other hobby or sport, you'll get better with squash if you practice more. Set up a dedicated time to practice, even if you practice by yourself. It might seem a bit cumbersome, but you'll be thankful for the practice the next time you play with an opponent!

Squash is a game that, while it may be difficult to get started in, is fun and exciting once you actually get into it. If you want to try, give it a shot. You'll probably love it!

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