How to Surf

Step by step
How to Surf

Surfing is a really fun and exciting water sport. Not only does it help increase your balance, it also keeps you in tip-top shape. Learn how to surf by reading this article. It will make the task smoother, and provide a couple of suggestions and tips on how to best master the sport.


beach and surfboard

Be sure that you go to a beach that is well known and safe. You can’t just go to any beach and start surfing, even if you become highly skilled professional. You should also try to find a beach that is known for surfing; this way, it’s less likely that there are people swimming in the region where you are surfing. It's also important that the region isn’t too crowded as you don't want to bump into other surfers, or worse, cause an accident. Try to pick a day when there are only a couple of people around.


people in the water with surfboard

Surfing is a sport that is done in the ocean; this, naturally, means that it can be quite dangerous. Mother nature can be unpredictable. Make sure to find an area that has other people; this way, if anything were to happen, there will be someone to help you. Always doubel check the water levels and other information that could hint at dangerous conditions such as a hurricane. Also watch out for dangerous rocks or other objects in the water nearby - you don't want to accidentally crash into sharp rocks. 


adults teaching kids how to surf

An instructor is always a good choice for getting started. Surfing is a difficult and risky sport; it’s not something you can master just through simple research. You have to learn the basics and know what to watch out for. It also makes the learning process a lot faster if you have a teacher. Make sure to get an instructor that is trustworthy and reliable. If anything goes wrong while you're in the ocean, you want to have a person that knows at least First Aid.



When you are picking out your surfboard, don’t go for the cheapest or most expensive one. You need to get one that suits you, and is reasonably priced. You should pick one that matches your height, and it should feel comfortable to you. If it’s your first time holding a surf board, it might feel clunky and too large, but once you get used to it, it’ll feel like an extension of your body.

Before Entering the Water

surfboard on sand

If you have an instructor, he or she will first make sure that you know that basics of using your surfboard. You'll learn when to paddle, when to crouch, and when to stand. The teacher will also show you what to do once you get flipped over into the water. 


people surfing

Once you've finished practicing the moves on land, you can move towards the ocean. The instructor will follow you in and teach you how far you should go. You want to be able to catch the waves, but not too close to the shore which leaves you standing.

You will fall over many times before you are able to stand on your board. Don’t give up, and keep trying until you’ve achieved your goal. It will feel amazing when you are finally able to stand on your board and flow with the wave.

Tips and Warnings

girl paddling in the sea

Try not to panic when you fall into the water. This will only make it worse; you will want to naturally float towards the surface. If you are closer to the shore, try to make sure that the board and waves won’t hit your head.

Surfing requires a lot of patience and training. You need to tone your body so that it can handle falling over again and again. The first couple of times, you’ll feel sore and achy the next day, but the end result is worth it!

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