Meniere's Disease

Meniere's Disease

Causing horrible, chronic vertigo, Meniere's Disease is an annoyance, and can be a hindrance to daily life. Thankfully, it is fairly rare, affecting only 200,000 or fewer people in the United States every year. But, for those it does affect, it can be both miserable and a possibly life-changing experience. Learn the symptoms, before hearing loss becomes permanent.

What is Meniere's Disease?

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Meniere's Disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes a host of unpleasant symptoms. These can include not only vertigo and ringing in your ears, but eventual hearing loss, so prompt medical care is crucial. This is a rare disorder, but a serious one that requires treatment. Some symptoms may be very disruptive to your day to day life.

What Causes Meniere's Disease?

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No one is completely sure about the actual cause behind Meniere's Disease. It's a bit of a medical mystery. However, scientists and doctors are steadily studying it, looking for the mysterious cause. There are many theories. Some believe that it has to do with an abnormality in the composition of the inner ear, or perhaps the amount of fluid that is found in the inner ear.

Who Is Most Susceptible?

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Most of the people who are diagnosed with Meniere's Disease are forty years of age or older, so people in this age range should pay close attention. However, it is also found in those who are younger. Smoking, infections, as well as a diet high in salt may make the condition worse, so you those who have had infections, smoke, or eat a similar diet should also keep a close eye on symptoms.

How Is It Diagnosed?

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Meniere's Disease requires a visit to a physician to be diagnosed.

Normally, you must have at least two episodes of vertigo that last a minimum of twenty minutes, but no more than twenty-four hours in length; hearing loss that is verified by a hearing test; as well as tinnitus, or ringing in your ears, or a fullness in your ears.


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The most common symptom felt is the dizziness, or vertigo, that it can cause. But there are others that are less pronounced, but that are important, as well. For example, a feeling of fullness in the ears, as well as ringing, are signs of Meniere's Disease. You should also keep a watch on any hearing loss or imbalance. Nausea and motion sickness are signs, as well.


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There are some treatments for Meniere's Disease.

  • One of the therapies involved is Vestiular rehabilitation. This will help to improve balance and stability.
  • Self-care is also important.
  • A low sodium diet, as well as avoiding caffeine and tobacco, can improve this condition tremendously.
  • A hearing aid may also be advisable.
  • For nausea, motion sickness medication is normally used to treat it.

Is It Curable?

Unfortunately, as of now, there is no cure for Meniere's Disease. There are treatments that can work to improve the quality of life and get rid of the worst of the symptoms, but no way to stop them completely.

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Meniere's Disease is a rare problem, but one that can have lifelong consequences if left untreated. Though it can't be cured, there are a variety of treatments available. The sooner you get it treated, the better your outcome will be.

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